BLAC Designs is supported by highly qualified professionals who had been in the construction for more than ten years. These people are tested and full of experiences in the line of civil, structural, architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and specialty works on exterior and interior finishes which can be shown on our completed projects.

Our goal is to give customer satisfaction of delivery, safety and quality works on time, although our main objective is making the company achieve its financial growth, we had dared to actually and contribute to industrial growth of the country which is our prime concern.

We are engaged in the supply and installation of quality works. After extensive experiences as General and Interior Design Contractor and due to expansion and demands of its services, its aim is to contribute quality products and workmanship on to share to building industry by making quality materials and services that will be available to Architects, Designers, Engineers, Developers, Customers and Owners.

We want our customers to know they are getting a lot for their money and the key to achieving this is that we are very efficient at every step of the construction process. Quality home construction today requires ongoing evaluation and incorporation of ever-changing building materials and techniques.

Our goal is to make your home building experience an enjoyable and rewarding one that not only makes you a very satisfied and happy customer, but a friend to our business as well.